Tips for Look Great in Every Photo

If you’ve ever watched even a single episode of “America’s Next Top Model you know that it takes a helluva lot more than saying “cheese” to look good in a photograph.

Those wannabes spend countless hours testing and trying the expert tips they’re taught to figure out their best angles, learning how to “find the light ” and mastering the “smize” — Tyra-speak for smiling with your eyes — before even having professional hairstyles andmakeup done to be shot by a top photographer. The kicker? More times than not, the judges aren’t even impressed by their photos.

HUH? So how are we regular folk ever supposed to look good in wedding pictures or camera phone snapshots if even those glamazons, with all of the expert tips they’re given, can’t manage to?

Well, in order to even the playing field a little, we’ve corralled a stable of experts whose job it is to help make Hollywood types look good on film, to chime in and share some expert tips and insider info that will help us all feel less doomed the next time a camera’s pointed in our direction.

Keep in mind that, above all, the key is not to panic. As noted fashion, beauty and celeb photographer Andrew Stiles says, looking good in pictures “doesn’t only involve angles and lighting. Perhaps it is a thought that the subject is holding in their mind. Something that is revealed through the eyes that is more important than any other factor.”