Beauty Tips on Backstage

You might think that because models are so stunning, exotic, sexy, what have you, that they don’t need much in the way of hair and makeup to look fabulous. Think again.

See the backstage beauty tips that work in real life.

While covering the shows at New York Fashion Week, we saw first hand what it takes to get naturally gorgeous, freakishly thin and tall models runway ready. It’s truly no small feat. They, like us “real” women, have dark circles, split ends, chapped lips, dull complexions, etc., etc. It’s true. Fashion Week is like boot camp for models — it’s physically challenging. Their skin and hair is put through rigorous heat styling and backcombing and their poor faces have had makeup applied and scrubbed off multiple times in a day. This training leaves them looking more like we do every day (just being honest here).

That’s why the artists working in the trenches backstage have such very important jobs to do. In mere minutes (yes, on occasion they literally have five to 10 minutes to get a model completely ready) they turn these girls into the glamazons we know them to be. And they do it by using the beauty tips they’ve picked up over the years. The go-to secrets that have worked for them over and over again on red carpets, at photo shoots and, obviously, while backstage.

They were nice enough to share some of these secrets with us. Seriously, they had to style hair or apply makeup — under serious time pressure — while we hovered over them, notebooks in hand. Thank you beautiful, talented artists!